Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Joseph A. Robertson (BFA SAIC 2014) is a passionate artist that seeks to raise questions and strives to create works that not only excite and amuse viewers, but also entice viewers to think critically, by raising questions and using the images produced to help lead the viewer to critical and insightful thoughts.  Joseph’s work ranges from painting, drawing, printmaking, sound, performance, sculpture to installation, and the foremost goal for the work is to create an interaction between the art object and the viewer.  This is often done firstly by creating a type of spectacle that is made to invite viewers to take a closer more critical view of a work.  This soon leads to a more critical interaction between the viewer and the art object, which may come in the form of a visual, physical, or auditory interaction, and in some cases all three.  Joseph’s work does not deal with any single subject, because often the subject is the viewer themself, and the interaction between the art and the viewer.


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